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Megaworld Prime RFO

Third quarter of 2011 comes the birth of the newest marketing team of Megaworld Corporation, it is projected to be the most customer oriented marketing division in the industry. Having the most pre selected READY FOR OCCUPANCY units in the most strategic locations in the city, Megaworld PRIME PROPERTY GROUP promises to give the most personalize services to all condominium buyers, the irresistible terms of payments that gives you the assurance of enjoying the RENT TO OWN terms concept, you can imagine yourself enjoying the prestige of living in a high end condo while paying the ZERO INTEREST terms for 2 years. and here's more .... INTERIOR DESIGNS are absolutely FREE! it applies to all the units whether it is fully furnished or bare units. As estimated, each client will save as much as 150,000.00 to 200,000.00 for the professional fee from independent Interior designers.


Be the prime mover and the benchmark sales and marketing organization in the real estate industry, offering RFO units and after-sales services in the Philippines.


To promote a culture of professionalism by standardizing usual office practices to obtain maximum productivity for PPG.


PPG believes in putting Our Creator as the center of every endeavor, with business as an inclusion. Its services are fitted to reflect its PRIME generic character of concern for neighbor rooted on His teachings. With core values formed for the organization, PPG commits to grow based on the following:

P - Passion

PPG is manned with sales force that exudes the highest levels of passion in delivering its output, with a firm grounding of loyalty to the Company and to its commitment.

R - Reliability

PPG conducts its affairs with the highest standards of integrity and reliability; ensuring that it deals with its clients a certain degree of trust and confidence, which is a vital aspect of its business

I - Integrity

PPG believes in the necessity of a consistent teamwork. Teamwork boosts employee morale and ensures that its services are delivered fast and easy.

M - Mastery

PPG reflects the professional image of a product which is something to be

E - Exclusives

PPG believes in productivity. It performs and functions in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort. More than that, it ensures high level of effectiveness which produces good quality service.

The person behind the PRIME PROPERTIES INVESTMENT GROUP is Ms. Donna Racho. Tested by the past struggle of the real estate industry she had kept the strong faith in her profession, moreover, she was given the challenge to make the PRIME PROPERTIES INVESTMENT GROUP as a phenomenal marketing sales group in the industry.

Contact Person:
Mr. Ato Gloriane  /  Real Estate Broker
Mobile: 0917 830 1658
Viber / Whatsapp: +639178301658
Landline: (02) 7586 7133
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